A line is a symbol of both connection and division. Lines are used for interpretation and explanation while also being a boundery. I’m interested in the manipulation of lines - how a line can be shared, how it can disappear. It is the border between objects and images; sometimes a line tells you what to see, other times you are left to decide for yourself. I think these are the more rewarding experiences.


Katya Labowe-Stoll (b. 1999, CT) is a lover of myths and fine lines. She received her BFA in Illustration, with a Concentration in Drawing from the Rhode Island School of Design (2021). She is a multidisciplinary artist who works in both painting and drawing mediums to communicate stories deriving from religious mythologies and Jewish mysticisms. She is interested in how stories are interpreted and what this means for the story’s fate and affect. She looks into the choices made in creating these stories to decipher what burdens are ours to bear, and what are not.